WearBands Resistance Bands Training and Exercise System for Sports, Fitness, Booty Building & Toning, Rehab, Conditioning, Weight Loss, Home, and Travel Fitness


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WearBands is a groundbreaking no-impact functional resistance system, which allows you to train more efficiently and get more results from ANY workout.

FOR FITNESS, just add WearBands to what you already love doing and see the results multiply! Burn up to 25% more calories from ANY workout. Want to firm and tighten those abs, glutes and legs? WearBands’ core-to-foot resistance maintains constant muscle engagement, amplifying the results of your abs, booty and leg workouts. Unlike so many other workout accessories, which target only specific body parts, WearBands allows seamless movement from one exercise to another, while maintaining elevated cardio,calorie burn and muscle engagement, the keys to an efficient workout. Because WearBands is hands-free, there are no restrictions on movement, so you can use WearBands in conjunction with any of your other go-to equipment..you’ll just get more results!

FOR SPORTS WearBands’ unrestricted, hands-free movement takes sport-specific training to a level never before attainable. Train ANY sport-specific movement with complete freedom of movement on any field or court. WearBands training improves speed, agility, quickness, vertical leap, strength and endurance. Because it’s hands-free, ball skills (dribbling, throwing, catching) can be combined with WearBands training, maximizing the efficiency and results from your sports-specific workouts. No matter the sport, WearBands’ unique ability to improve functional movement and fitness will give you a competitive edge.

When you’re ready to train smarter, and get more results from EVERY workout, CHOOSE YOUR WEARBANDS SYSTEM SIZE FROM THE SIZING CHART IMAGE ABOVE, and step into the future of functional resistance training.

All WearBands components come with a 90-day limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. So try risk-free and you’ll discover what our growing legions of customers already have…..that Wearing is believingTM!


  • No-Impact Resistance for ANY movement at ANY speed ANYWHERE.
  • For Sports, improve speed, agility, strength, vertical leap and conditioning with purely functional, sport-specific drills.
  • For Fitness, add to ANY workout or class and burn more calories (up to 25%), get more cardio, strength and sculpting and toning from the same workout.
  • See Sizing Chart photo at left to choose the size that’s right for you.
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for outdoor and travel fitness.