Throw Pro Throw Training Device – Baseball Version


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The Throw Pro is a universal throwing and pitching aid. It can be used every day for warm-up, muscle memory and injury prevention. Improve throwing accuracy and velocity. Corrects many overhand throwing problems. Excellent also in group settings when a coach has to have his eyes on many players. A coach could have all team members working on their throwing at the same time, in a limited space without a catching partner. Baseball and Softball versions are available. Free online web drills videos can be accessed and feature versatile training to teach use and help prevent boredom. Be sure to register on our site and email us to confirm registration so we can activate the video access. If this is a gift, make sure you tell us, so we can track registration for the proper registered user. Comes with a convenient protective carrying pouch. Fits great in any sports bag. Safety Strap must be worn while using the Throw Pro. Patent Pending. Buying guide is on 5 oz – Ages 6-8 8 oz – Ages 8+ 10 oz – Ages 12+ 12 oz – Advanced players heavy training Check us out at IMPORTANT: Specific drills are to be used with the Throw Pro device and are only available at our separate website Registration on our website upon purchase is required. Access to the drills will be granted within 24-48 hours after a successful registration.


  • Portable
  • Safety Strap
  • Online drills
  • Carrying pouch
  • Various weight sizes available