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SwingTracker provides the most comprehensive swing analysis and improvement tools on the market today. The sensor attaches to virtually any bat, captures nearly 10,000 data points/second about the swing and sends that data instantly to the free SwingTracker mobile app. You can compare your swings to other players from Youth through Professional on all 11 metrics. Every purchase of SwingTracker includes a 1-year player membership to DiamondCLUB which provides access to all the mobile and web app features, your entire swing history, groups and connections, premium training content and much more – a $60 value!

SwingTracker Swing Metrics


  • Max Hand Speed
  • Max Barrel Speed
  • Speed Efficiency
  • Forward Barrel Speed


  • Distance in the Zone
  • Hand Cast Distance
  • Approach Angle


  • Trigger to Impact Time


  • Applied Power
  • Max Acceleration
  • Impact Momentum

With SwingTracker:

  • Use one sensor with unlimited number of players (requires $4.99/month DiamondCLUB subscription for each additional player)
  • Compare the 3D models of two swings on top of each other or side-by-side; compare the 3D model with video of that swing side-by-side
  • Access training content and 3D drills to improve and achieve your goals
  • Create groups of players with your friends or by team and connect your SwingTracker profile to theirs
  • Access SwingTracker Web to create and compete on custom Leaderboards
  • Have customer support via live, in-app chat 7 days/week, 12 hours/day


  • SwingTracker sensor can be used for baseball and softball with dedicated iPhone and iPad apps for each sport
  • Real-time, national swing comparison databases from Youth through Professional for each metric
  • Precise 3D swing plane/swing path model and video capture mode – each sync’s with the swing metrics you choose
  • Disconnected and Offline modes for when you are out of range from your mobile device and/or not connected to the internet
  • Damage Potential feature that projects how fast and how far the ball might travel on each of your swings if you barreled it up