Catching inMotion is the fifth volume in the five part Baseball inMotion multimedia software training series. This unique volume focuses on the fundamentals involved in pitching a baseball. Catching inMotion includes video clips from the DVD featuring former Fresno State University coach, Bob Bennett, Effective Practice Drills for Catchers. Catching inMotion is designed to help players master the proper infield play techniques by comparing their skills, side-by-side and in frame-by-frame sequence, against an acknowledged reference point.

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Catching inMotion includes 8 clips from Coaches Choice DVD Effective Practice Drills For Catchers by Bob Bennett. Baseball coaches and players from all levels, including youth league, can use Catchers inMotion to master proper technique by comparing their skills in frame-by-frame sequence against an acknowledged reference point. The inMotion Software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.


  • Analyze and synchronize proper catching mechanics and technique compared against an acknowledged reference point.
  • Video clips pre-loaded into Catching inMotion software include; catch, grip and throw; catch and separation; arm fake; pitchout right; pitchout left; throwing to third; and blocking a low pitch.
  • Slow down a catcher’s mechanics to teach correct technique. Improve an athletes overall performance by evaluating their catching mechanics frame-by-frame.
  • Over time, in near frame-by-frame sequence, Catching inMotioin will help you to identify and correct flaws and improve performance.
  • Compatible with SMART and Promethean Boards