As Seen on TV Swerve Ball, Set of 3


(as of 08/20/2017 at 03:36)


Throw like a pro…without the practice! The amazing Swerve Ball is specially designed to make throwing trick pitches easy. Just place your fingers of the specified markers for a certain type of pitch and throw! Swerve Ball allows you to throw curve balls, sinkers, sliders, fast balls, knuckle balls and change ups just by adjusting your hold on it. Swerve Ball is only for use with plastic bats.  Ages 6+.


  • Specially weighted balls allow anyone to throw curve balls, sliders, or other trick pitches
  • Use the simple markings on the ball to adjust your throw in seconds
  • Dazzle your friends and by throwing amazing pitches
  • Kit includes: 3 Swerve Balls
  • Perfect for boys or girls!


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